2017 exceeded my personal hopes and expectations. This year showed me, that it is possible to achieve goals. The long and uncertain path towards studying in Germany (that began in 2015) finally paid off. I discovered that I had a dream University, went through the extensive process of getting into it, and successfully got to … More 2017

Applying to a German University as an International Student

Germany has become known for its college education…more specifically, for its FREE college education. And YES, even if you are not German, you can study in Germany for ‘free’. However, the path leading to enrollment at a German university can be complicated and demanding for those of us who didn’t receive their secondary education in … More Applying to a German University as an International Student

Love Letter to Paris

Dear Paris, I already knew I would like you before we met. It’s almost inevitable when everyone raves about how romantic and charming you can be. Especially in spring, you seem to have gained quite the popularity. So I figured I’d use this passion, some puns and pick up lines, to show you what lovestruck couples (or girls like me) … More Love Letter to Paris

Signs of Spring

  ‘Tis the season of new beginnings. The blooming of blossoms and buzzing of bees has signaled the start of Spring! And like many, I am obsessing over the signs of Spring and the feelings they evoke. Soft and Sweet   Pastel pink is probably the color that I associate with Spring the most. It turns out … More Signs of Spring

Brighten up Brighton

Since moving from the West Coast of the United States to a western country in Europe, I hadn’t been to the seaside in months. This finally changed, when I visited the seaside city, Brighton, England. With its pleasure pier and colorful street art, Brighton is like the English version of Santa Monica. And since it is the … More Brighten up Brighton